Hi, I'm Jessica!

Photo by  Stephanie Yang

I spend my days in sunny Denver working as a travel agent and an aerialist. Not a typical career combination, you say? Maybe, but it's awesome!

I train as an aerialist, specializing in aerial fabric. I fell in love with aerial dance five years ago in Los Angeles and have been flying ever since. Aerial photos, videos, and more can be found here. In January of 2018, I began teaching beginner aerial students. Want to take a class? Check out my teaching schedule at MOTH Poetic Circus and Denver Dance, or contact me about private lessons.

In March of 2018, I started working as a travel agent at Globe Getaways, a lovely family-owned travel agency in Denver. I help people plan their next amazing vacation. May I please help you see the world?

Back before Denver...

Up until 2016, I lived in Los Angeles and worked in higher education helping students acquire the skills they needed to save the world. In February of 2017, my husband and I packed up our LA life and traveled the world. We were gone for three months and I loved every minute of it! That trip inspired me and led to my work in the travel industry.

Here on my website, I have a blog. From 2015 to 2017, I blogged about challenges in our current food system and navigating what to eat. Then, in 2017, I blogged about my around-the-world trip. Now I blog sporadically about my travels.

Want to connect? Email me at jessica@globegetaways.com!