Jessica on the Web: 11/2/15

sustainable salmon sushi

In conjunction with the writing I'm doing here on my blog, I also guest blog about sustainable food for two Southern California organizations. You can read my work (1) in the Sustainable West section of and (2) in the Food for Thought section of the Slow Money Southern California website. Below is a round-up of content I've written in the past couple of months.

1. 4 Must-Watch Films and Videos to Start Learning About the Food Movement, - 10/23/15

In which I write about Food Forward, California Matters, Fed Up, and Food, Inc., as visual ways to begin understanding both positives and negatives in the food movement.

2. Bringing Slow Money Principles to a Fast Life: Good Food Delivery in LA, - 9/21/15

In which I write about and analyze five companies that deliver sustainable food to residents in Southern California.


3. Common Myths About Organic Food, - 9/20/15

In which I write about the meaning of "organic" as defined by the USDA and clear up common confusions about what it does and does not mean for sustainability.

4. Is it Okay to Eat Fish? - 9/1/15

In which I write about two opposing points of view on whether we can eat fish without irreversibly damaging biodiversity in our oceans.

5. What's Up with Food Expiration Dates? - 8/16/15

In which I write about the lack of standardization among food expiration dates and the importance of using common sense to test a food for safety before eating it.


What sustainable food topics are you curious about? Tell me in the comments and I'll write about them in the future!