Urban Gardening Update: Day 21

Urban winter vegetable garden in Los Angeles

This post is coming to you today from my urban garden on my patio.

How many days in do I have to be before I call myself a gardener? How many lettuce leaves do I have to pick before I feel legit? Apparently not very many because I’m feeling it! The gardening experiment is working! Say hello to Jessica the Gardener. Woohoo!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far on this gardening adventure:

  • My back patio gets more sunlight than I thought and most of the plants don’t like that direct sun and heat. We’ve been getting unseasonably warm weather in LA, and the first week a lot of the leaves looked a bit brown and tired. I moved the pots more into the shade and they perked up. My strawberry pot is still in direct sunlight, but that seems to be working.
Urban lettuce garden in winter, Los Angeles
Bounty from an urban vegetable garden in LA
  • Some creature out there likes kale. One night, I watered the plants and tucked them in for bed (metaphorically) and the next morning, ALL the leaves of one the kale plants were gone! Nibbled off! After that, I finagled a protective covering over the kale with fabric, string, and some chopsticks.
  • There’s a battle going on over the spinach and I’m losing it to some pest. There are tiny little black bugs on the backs of many of the leaves. Some quick research suggested spraying the leaves with soapy water, which I did, and it seems to be keeping the bugs somewhat at bay. We’ll see what happens.
Urban vegetable garden in LA
Bounty from 2 weeks worth of urban vegetable gardening in winter, Los Angeles
picked lettuce from an urban vegetable garden in LA
  • The plants on the front patio are doing great. They are green and vivacious, I guess they like the amount of sunlight in that location.
  • Strawberry plants make yellow and white flowers! I had never seen a strawberry flower before, but last week, one popped out.

Along this journey, I’ve pulled off some of the larger leaves of the lettuce, arugula, spinach, and kale each week. Want to come over for this week's home-grown salad?

Urban winter vegetable garden in los angeles

I’ll keep documenting the garden’s progress and report back soon. Grow on!