Urban Gardening Update: Day 56

Have you been wondering how my gardening adventure is progressing?

In case you missed it, I started an urban vegetable garden on my patio approximately 8 weeks ago (has it been that long?!). I’ve been tending the plants, observing them, and emotionally supporting them during our time together. After only 3 weeks I told you I felt like a gardener!

Now that it’s been 2 months, I feel that it’s a normal part of my daily routine to check on my plants. I’ve gotten to know them a bit and there’s a lot happening out there on my patio!

Here are my recent observations and notes from the garden:

  • The strawberry plant is going strong. Every day it seems like there is new growth. The top of the pot is a flat covering of leaves. I was worried I had been watering it too much, but it seems to like the moisture.
  • I’ve definitely got a small rodent eating my veggies. I feel like the farmer in the movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, it’s a full-on war! I covered my kale plants in the first week, and that had been working….but no longer! One of the kale plants was seriously devoured overnight about a week ago. Also, under the cover of darkness, my friendly neighborhood rodent snuck in and munched on all the spinach and arugula. They are totally gone!! I keep reminding myself this is a learning process and an adventure. I knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t be smooth growing the whole way.
  • I did some research online and determined it’s probably a rat hanging around eating the leaves. Rats apparently hate the smell of mint (which I love), so I popped over to the gardening store and bought two little mint plants. I also picked up the supplies necessary to build something more permanent around the plants to keep rodents out. I’m planning to construct it in next few days.
  • The lettuce is now growing straight up to the sky at an alarming rate. Am I in for a giant beanstalk here?

These past weeks have been interesting ones in the garden. The weather finally got cooler and the days are shorter. I don’t need to water the plants as much; the soil is often still damp when I go out to check it.  I’ll be traveling for the holidays, so the garden will have some days without my attention. Will the plants survive??

In the new year, I’ll plant some more vegetables and go for round 2 of this urban gardening adventure.

In the meantime, got any gardening tips? Let me know!