Grab Those Snap Peas: Food, Family, & Fun

Last vacation post before heading back to Los Angeles....

After leaving Cape Cod and returning to Boston for a few days, my family and I visited Waltham Fields Community Farm, a small farm with which my cousins have a CSA. (What's a CSA?)

The benefit of this particular CSA is that, as a member, you go to the farm and pick your own produce. For my small cousins (ages 3 to 7) picking food on a farm is a grand and thrilling adventure! For me, going with them, I was overjoyed to see their gumption as they ran into the rows of green plants (oh yeah, no drought in Massachusetts). This day, they looked for snap peas and fava beans and pretty much laid flat out in the dirt to find the best ones. Pick some for the bag, eat some as you go. Later, I showed them basil, parsley, and dill, and we carefully picked some for the week. Then a quick stop to the chicken coop.

This type of “farming” wasn’t efficient. If you're 3, it's pretty hard to pick enough vegetables and herbs for a week. But my little helpers learned a lot, ate vegetables in their natural form (plus some dirt), had a lot of fun. Not to mention the family bonding!

I came away from the experience hoping that as they grow up, food and family continue to be intertwined for them in this authentic and meaningful way!