Top 5 Must-Try Ice Cream Shops in Wellfleet, MA

I apologize for my lack of posting over the past 2 weeks; I was on vacation!

I just came back from some time in my home state visiting beautiful Cape Cod and it reminded me of how different Massachusetts is from Southern California. My trip allowed for many observations, so expect my next few blog posts to revolve around food on the Cape.

Today, I bring you my very important and extremely subjective ranking of the top 5 MUST-TRY ice cream places in and around Wellfleet, MA. Get your stretchy pants ready because heeeeere weeeee goooooooooooo:

5. Arnold’s, 3580 Route 6, Eastham, MA

A staple of Cape Cod, Arnold’s specializes in fresh seafood and mini-golf. In Massachusetts, if you come across either of those, you’ll probably find ice cream nearby, so with both together, how could Arnold’s NOT serve ice cream? Good flavor selection here, but I got the feeling the real effort is devoted to the fried clams…The ice cream is just a side project.


4.  PJ’s, 2616 Route 6, Wellfleet, MA

Lick quickly! At PJ's, it's a race against time to get each sprinkle.

Lick quickly! At PJ's, it's a race against time to get each sprinkle.

PJ’s doesn’t look like something to write home about. In fact, my first couple years on the Cape, it got shafted in favor of other spots on this list. But the ice cream line every night in the summer indicates something special happening here and once I tried it, it became a go-to spot after a visit to nearby Newcomb Hollow Beach. If you like soft-serve ice cream, you’re in for a treat. Yes, you can get the vanilla/chocolate twist in a cone, but PJ’s is the only place around that has coffee soft-serve! Plus: magical hardening chocolate shell! But beware, the soft-serve melts quickly. Grab an empty dish for the toppings that fall off as soon as you start licking your cone.


3. Mac’s, 265 Commercial St, Wellfleet, MA

A brightly lit ice cream window at the Wellfleet pier with a long line between 8PM and 10PM each night. That’s Mac’s. Providing both soft-serve and hard ice cream, Mac’s basic flavors can’t be beat. Creamy, sweet, and delicious, this is ice cream done right. If it’s still light and not too buggy out, walk onto the sand to snag a spot at a picnic table. Because nothing goes better with ice cream than a great view.


2. Savory and the Sweet Escape, 316 Route 6, Truro, MA

Wellfleet rocks the ice cream scene, but the Cape in general is full of other really excellent ice cream spots. Only a short drive away, Savory and the Sweet Escape in Truro provides the unique flavors the other ice cream vendors are missing. All made in-house, the maple bacon is a staple (though a bit intense for my taste), and both lavender fig and salted caramel are popular choices. Grab some food at the connected restaurant, or skip it because ice cream this good should be your lunch anyway!



1. A Nice Cream Stop, 326 Main Street, Wellfleet, MA

My number one ice cream spot! A Nice Cream Stop serves ice cream from Boston’s Emack and Bolio’s. Maybe minus 2 points for not making the ice cream on site, but plus a zillion points for flavor selection, patience of the staff as I try every flavor every time I go, and quaint outdoor seating. Yes you can get chocolate and vanilla, but spend your visit indulging in some delectable combination of chocolate, coffee, oreo, fudge, espresso, vanilla, peanut butter… oh where was I? Yes, the line can be long, but that gives you more time to read the large flavor board as you prepare to order. A stop here after a day at the beach exemplifies the spirit of Cape Cod.

Happy ice cream eating!