Jessica on the Web: 8/22/15

In conjunction with the writing I'm doing here on my blog, I've also begun guest blogging about sustainable food for two SoCal organizations. You can check out my work (1) in the Sustainable West section of and (2) in the Food for Thought section of the Slow Money Southern California website. Below is a (slightly-delayed---it's been a busy month) round-up of content I've written recently:

1. Five Reasons You Should Buy Ugly Produce,’s Sustainable West - 7/25/15
In which I write about the benefits of purchasing less-than beautiful produce as a means to reduce the shocking amount of food waste in America.

2. Food Waste in the Spotlight, Slow Money Southern California – 7/30/15
In which I write about many recent ways food waste is becoming a mainstream issue and entering the general public’s awareness.