Reflections: A Year of Sustainable Food Exploration

In May of 2015, I decided to create my own personal website.

Along with the fun parts of the site (aerials silks, yes!), I felt that I wanted to get my words out into the world and share my views on sustainable food via a blog. After 14 months, it feels like the right time to check in and evaluate how the process is going. This week’s post is a reflection on my progress!

When I started my blog, I did it with a few goals in mind. I aimed to practice my writing skills, learn more about sustainable food, and hold myself accountable in addressing the difficult food issues facing our society. I didn’t care so much about mass readership or trying to monetize my site; I wrote it for me more than for anyone else.

I’ve learned a lot in the last year about our food system and sustainability. The topics I explored include:

  • food waste
  • new recipes
  • new kitchen techniques
  • eating new animals
  • urban gardening
  • books on sustainable food
  • new people and networks

And I’ve learned a lot about writing a blog. My key takeaways:

  • it’s a major time commitment
  • photos can take as long as writing
  • decreasing posting frequency from weekly to bi-weekly didn’t cause the world to end (did you even notice?)
  • taking a risk on a post idea is always worth it

This year has reinforced to me that I REALLY care about our food system. Food is a part of my existence every single day (and will be until the day I die) and I want to make it a bigger part of my life in both work and play.

I believe we’ve got a sub-optimal situation in how we grow, distribute, and consume food in this country. It’s not due to any one person or one company’s mistakes. It’s a system-wide challenge and the solutions will be complicated. All around the country (and the world) people are talking about these issues and working on answers however feels best to them.

As for me, I will keep gardening and I will keep working on eating more sustainably. My library has a whole host of books on this subject I haven’t read yet.

And, for now, I will keep blogging!