Labor Day Weekend Gardening Update

Even though I haven’t written about my garden lately, that doesn’t mean I’ve ignored it.

On the contrary, I check on my back patio garden oasis every day! Now that we’ve hit September and summer is drawing to a close, I want to share some pictures and reflections about this past summer’s garden.

1) I stopped taking weekly pictures months ago! It got to be too time consuming with not much reward. This garden was planted about 6 months ago and I couldn’t keep up with taking pictures every week. Plus, once the plants grew and matured, there wasn’t much visual change each week.

2) Some of my plants died. It pains me to admit it. I don’t know whether it was the weather, the watering schedule, or the soil conditions, but many of my hopeful little seedlings from spring didn’t make it. They struggled on for a while, but eventually died. Ahhh, c’est le vie. Having a garden means some plants will die! They have their life cycle. The plants currently in plant heaven: the peas, the original cucumbers, and the zucchinis.

3) Some of my plants are still kicking. Maybe I should grow more of those in the future. The tomato plants are all still alive. The onions are still chilling in their pot, so are the strawberry plants and the parsley. I planted two new cucumber plants in July (I passed the seedlings at a farmers’ market and they looked so promising!), and those are still kicking. Although just this week they started looking a little iffy, so we'll see what happens.

4) Some of my plants were successfully harvested. About a month ago, I roasted tiny rainbow beets. They were too small to be shared, or bought at a store, but they were delightful. Really excellent flavor and a special sense of pride!

5) Having living plants is not the same as having productive plants. As I said, the tomato plants are still alive. But they aren’t making very many tomatoes! Yes, I get one every 5-7 days, but that doesn’t seem like many compared to how many flowers are on the plants. I looked it up and apparently some varieties don’t set fruit in very hot temperatures. The pollen becomes less viable. Well, gee, I wish I’d known that before! If there’s one thing LA is, it’s HOT.

6) I am really enjoying having a garden. Even though I’ve been disappointed by my yields, I like that I’m learning and doing. There seems to be something magical about the gardening journey rather than the tasty reward. Now maybe I think that because I haven’t gotten big rewards yet…but that’s ok. In the meantime, I’ll stick with what I’ve got.


Next up---fall planting! Time to do some reading to plan what I’ll grow as the days get shorter and (slightly) cooler.


Got any suggestions? How is your garden doing? Share in the comments below!