Today's the Day

After a hectic week, today's the day. My husband and I are traveling around the world for the next three months and we leave tonight!

Here's how it went:

-First there was packing. A lot of packing. It takes some warming up to get in the swing of it and luckily, we had help. We started with the easy stuff (books) and moved on to the harder stuff (my stand mixer). By the end, we were packing boxes in a flash.

-Then the movers came. They were pros. Everything was tagged and on the truck in 4 hours. There's actually not a lot to do when you hire movers, but we wanted to be available, so we camped out in the kitchen all morning.

-Then we said thank you and goodbye to an empty apartment. It was a good home for three years, and the first place my husband and I lived together. We'll build a new home wherever we are, but those walls will always be special.

NOW - we head out! Nothing else to do, just a quick blog post, a last look around Pasadena, and we're off to the airport. I'm sure I'm forgetting something --- but actually --- there's nothing left! No cars, no mail, no keys.

Tonight we head to New Zealand on a LONG flight. When we get there, it'll be morning + one day. We're going into the future!

Our first two stops: AUCKLAND and ROTORUA.

This is everything I'm bringing for a three-month trip.

This is everything I'm bringing for a three-month trip.