Halfway Around the Globe

The beach in Port Douglas

The beach in Port Douglas

You know how you've always known the world was a big place? You might recall that the circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles. That's the equivalent of running 8,031 5K races! (If you could run on water). Well, a few days ago, we flew half that distance. 

We were up in Port Douglas, Australia. It was beautiful, tropical, humid, and honestly, too hot for me. Temps were in the 90's with extremely high humidity every day. The only comfortable place to be was in the pool. That kind of weather will sap all the energy out of a person! Nap time? Yes, please. We were there in the off season (aka the wet and super hot season), but between May and November, the climate is a lot more pleasant.

It's this crazy climate, however, that makes Port Douglas one of the only places in the world where tropical rainforest and coral reef are side by side. Visiting both the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef was awesome. The crocodiles, jellyfish, and massive spiders were slightly less awesome -- but we made it out with no incidents! We also narrowly avoided Cycle Debbie. Eek. 

Leaving Port Douglas, we flew out of the city of Cairns (an hour drive away) and traveled south to Sydney to catch our international flight. Flight time: 3 hours. Distance: 1,545 miles. 

Then we went from Sydney to Doha, Qatar. Never been there? Me neither -- the airport doesn't count. It was nighttime on this flight, so we passed out for at least half the journey. Flight time: 14 hours. Distance: 7,694 miles. 

We arrived in early morning in the middle east and we hung out at the airport for a few hours. To us, it was late afternoon. Then we caught our 3rd flight to go from Doha to Madrid. Flight time: 8 hours. Distance: 4,427 miles. 

Total mileage: 13,666!

So we landed in Madrid at 2 in the afternoon and we thought it was 11PM. HAHA. We were excited to make it to Spain and it was a beautiful sunny day, so we had to get out and walk around. Jet lag, shmet lag!

In Summary

Flying halfway around the world was a surreal experience. The outside world ceases to exist when I'm in a plane for that long. My giant metal tube hurtling through the air seems to be the only thing I've ever known. But then it just ends. Airports around the world feel all the same, so stumbling from one gate to another is pretty much like it always is. And we had lots of movies to watch and books to read. That being said, I'm ready to stay below 10,000 feet for the next few weeks!

Now we're back in the northern hemisphere and ready to take on Europe!

Basically every building in Madrid is older than any building in Australia and New Zealand. 

Basically every building in Madrid is older than any building in Australia and New Zealand. 


PS. We flew this 3-leg route to get to Spain because we were lucky enough to fly on miles!