Sustainable Food: Wedding Style

Five days ago, I married my best friend in the world. I now have a husband! And a new last name!

The wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I felt so loved and supported. Seeing our family and friends show up for us was beyond amazing. *HEARTS!*

But before all the warm fuzzies of that weekend, we put in A LOT of work to plan the event. Checklists and spreadsheets littered our apartment for months reminding us of the myriad decisions to be made.

One of the big decisions the bride and groom make in the wedding-planning process is about the food. What type of meal? What is the style? Who will cater? And for me, how can I bring sustainability into this choice?

Wedding catering has traditionally focused on meat, sides, salad, and a dinner roll. I knew that wasn't for me. A lot of food sits uneaten, guests pick an entree months in thanks! I love food, so I wanted our meal to be delicious and to showcase California.

After a lot of researching online, I landed on Border Grill.

If you're in LA or Las Vegas, you may have eaten at a Border Grill restaurant. They serve delicious, fresh, sustainably-focused Mexican food, and the company is owned by two female chefs: Mary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger. Perfect!

We hired Border Grill to drive their truck to our wedding and serve our guests chips and guac, tacos, salad, rice, and beans. Oh, and horchata. I wanted my gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan guests to all eat easily, so we used corn tortillas, nixed anything with flour, and included a black bean and sweet potato taco.

Additionally, I asked for our leftovers to be packaged up for us so they wouldn't get tossed. The next day, we handed out the leftover meat and tortillas at brunch.

Eating sustainably has become a choice I make when I have control. Sometimes, I don't have control, so I eat what is available. But sometimes, like at my own wedding, I DO have control! In this case, I was able to share my food values with everyone who attended! It was awesome.