I fell in love with traveling a little at a time over the past decade, and then all at once during my 3-month trip in 2017. Now, I help people discover new places around the world and I love it! This job combines my high level of organizational skills with my intense wanderlust. Need assistance planning an adventure? Let me know!

If I may, a brief personal story: in April of 2017, my husband and I stopped in Venice for three days. We wandered around, took pictures of canals, ate gelato...all the typical things. BUT, one of the days we were on the island happened to be the University of Venice's graduation ceremony. Piazza San Marco was packed full of graduates. As we walked around the outside of the square, it became clear that the graduation ceremony was coming to an end. We turned to look just as hundreds of graduates threw their caps into the air in a 1200-year-old Venetian plaza. I couldn't help it, I started crying. What a scene to witness!

It is moments like these that remind me why travel is valuable. Traveling connects us to other people and our planet in ways we can't get by staying home.



My most recent trip was to: Maui (March, 2019)

My next trip will be to: TBD!!

A perfect day away includes: Going for a run before the crowds are out, touring a museum or other attraction, a big lunch, a walk in a garden or park, ice cream, and a delicious dinner of local cuisine.

My favorite vacation spot is: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

My most embarrassing travel story is: That time my ID slid into the lining of my suitcase in an airport bathroom and I thought I'd lost it down the toilet!

My favorite travel partner is: my husband, he puts up with my travel quirks and doesn't rush me when I'm taking in the sights.

I can't leave for a trip without: my Kindle. In fact, I keep it with me in my day bag, you never know when you'll find the perfect spot for a cup of coffee and a reading break.

Number of countries I've visited (not including the US): 30